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Creating spaces where people wish to be



Movado Interiors is a leader in the office furniture industry proudly serving Vancouver and the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Canadian-owned and operated, we focus on enhancing wellness and efficiency in a workplace through space planning and office furniture design. Our clients benefit from our knowledgeable interior and office furniture specialists and enjoy great pricing on high quality office furniture.


As leaders of the online office furniture industry we offer:

- Complimentary office space plan and 3D Renders

- Complimentary on-site measurements and in-person and online consultations

- Tailor-made solutions and curated options for different levels of budgetary and styling needs.

- Competitive price points from standard to high grade commercial grade furniture.
- Wide selections of office furniture & equipment solutions  from Canadian-made furniture to     

  American and European manufacturers
- Long lasting warranties and lifetime warranties with most furniture selections

- A personal approach to genuinely guide you with your office furniture & equipment needs
- Sustainable and long-lasting products with quality and/or environmental certifications


At Movado Interiors, we cater to what you need. We can optimize and customize office furniture and services depending on your industry and your specific needs. Let us help you bring your office ideas to life.

Interior Designers and Architects

Small Businesses and Corporate
Government and NGOs
Home Offices

The Value of

By optimizing your workplace settings, workspaces can expect an improvement in:

+ Performance & Concentration

+ Safety, Ergonomics & Well-Being
+ Individual Growth & Job Satisfaction
+ Construction & Furniture Costs
+ Space Management & Utilization 
+ Flexibility for Future Reconfigurations & Relocations


The modern office is flexible, collaborative, and functional. We carry a hand-picked selection of office furniture and office accessories with different aesthetics from our talented partners. Browse our selection and find products that suits you or your brand's personality or check out our gallery for design ideas and installation photos.

Office Space


Have a new project? Pick and choose from a variety of office solutions we have. Let us support you every step of the way from office design to delivery and installation.

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