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At Movado Interiors, we are proud to work with all project sizes, whether it be just one customized chair to retire your old office chair, a single private office, or even multiple large-scale office spaces!


We take great strides to help you work above and beyond your standard level of efficiency while enjoying a comfortable workspace that is designed specifically for you and your team. We do free in-person consultations and assessments for office spaces in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.

Contract Service

Our 3-Step Process


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Design and Consultation

This stage is a collaboration between you and our furniture and interior specialists on-site or remotely. Together, we can create a tailored solution to fit not only your individual needs, but also your space requirements, company deadlines, and budgeting constraints.

At the Wood Shop

Manufacturing and Distributing

We team up with many different talents to ensure your products are crafted within your specifications and distributed between warehouses in a safe and timely manner.

drill and scehmatics

Delivery and Installation

Don't have time to deal with all the logistics behind pick-ups or furniture and system installations? Leave it to our professional installers so you can fully focus on your company's goals and operations.

Office Relocation

Got a new space? Moving commercial-grade furniture can be a daunting task. Furniture systems may require elaborate dismantling and reinstallation processes. It also requires exhaustive planning and efficient logistics. With our help, your furniture will get to your new space in a safe and timely manner.

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Furniture Recycling & Disposal

Movado Interiors is committed to sustainability. Reusing is always preferable over recycling. If a product is deemed safe and suitable for use, we work with both private and public organizations to extend the useful life of your furniture. These organizations includes non-profits, schools, and social enterprises.

Any furniture that cannot be reused will be recycled properly to minimize the waste diverted to landfills.

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