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Sound Ideas Series 3

Sound Ideas Series 3


Series 3 panels are used extensively in auditoriums, conference rooms, offices, open plan areas, classrooms, and many other areas where the sound levels need adjusting. Designed to reduce dB levels, these acoustical panels have a NRC rating of .85 (1”) and 1.05 (2”).



  • Superior reverberation reduction
  • Very effective & stylish acoustic solution to reduce dB levels
  • Designed to contain sound and reduce echos
  • 2" thick acoustic panels have an NRC rating of 1.05
  • 1" thick acoustic panels have an NRC rating of .85
  • Dual function 1/2" thick decorative tack panels have an NRC rating of .35 and  STC ratings of 25
  • Fabric covered 6-7 PCF fiberglass with chemically hardened edges
  • Class A fire rated



  • Choose from a wide selection of durable upholsteries perfect for commercial settings
  • Custom shapes
  • Custom sizing available



  • Any size available up to 120" x 48"



  • 5 Years Warranty

    Need to customize or have a question?

    Feel free to contact us to inquire!

    Call us at 604.619.3571

    Email us at


    Please note that Movado Interiors offers other customizable options that are not shown on the website. Customization extents depend on the product model. These options may be higher grade upholstery materials, custom fabrics, two-tone upholstery options, upgraded components, upgraded mechanisms, and etc. Please contact us to inquire how you can create your customized product.

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