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Flirt M.A.T.E Easel

Flirt M.A.T.E Easel


Flirt creates a place to come together, collaborate, listen and learn. Its broad offering of multi-use, reconfigurable products enable the maximization of different settings, inspiring and supporting the work at hand. Whether meetings are planned for impromptu, include many attendees or only a few, or require the sharing of spaces, Flirt changes and adapts to needs at any given moment.

M.A.T.E (Mobile + All-Purpose + Teaming + Easel)



  • Available in two widths with overall height of 71" and comes standard with side-mount valet table.
  • Material options include maple, walnut and white oak veneer, laminate, upholstered with tackable surface or whiteboard, in any combination.
  • Laminate available in all Arcadia standard laminates.
  • Panels specified with veneer or standard wood grain laminate, panel edge finish will match, unless otherwise specified.
  • Panels specified with solid color laminates or whiteboard, panel edge finish will be natural exposed plywood with a clear coat finish.
  • Panels specified with veneer or standard wood grain laminate, together with white board and/or pull-out whiteboards, all edges will match the color of the selected veneer or laminate.
  • Vinyl, polyurethane and leather upholstery not available.
  • Due to standard textile widths, 63" wide easel with upholstery requires a vertical seam. For seamless option, please select a panel fabric.
  • When specifying, the first option code reflects placement in relation to the right side of the valet table, as facing. Second option code identifies panel material on the opposing side, with the valet table on the left, as facing.
  • Center section (portion between panels) is finished in white laminate as standard. Black laminate available, please specify.
  • Storage slot standard on all models excluding upholstered panels. If specified with one side upholstered and one side whiteboard,veneer or laminate, the storage slot will be present on the non-upholstered side only.
  • Die-cast aluminum legs available in standard and premium metal finishes and feature four locking casters.

  • 15" diameter valet table offered in maple, walnut and white oak veneer as well as laminate selections.
  • Table edge finish will follow panel edge finish as standard, unless otherwise specified. »For double-sided upholstered panels with veneer or standard wood grain laminate table, edge finish will match.
  • For double-sided upholstered panels with solid color laminate table, edge finish will be natural exposed plywood with a clear coat finish.



  • All dimensions are nominal.
  • Please contact us for dimension/sizing details.


Designed By: 

  • David Ritch and Mark Saffell of 5D Studio

    Need to customize or have a question?

    Feel free to contact us to inquire!

    Call us at 604.619.3571

    Email us at


    Please note that Movado Interiors offers other customizable options that are not shown on the website. Customization extents depend on the product model. These options may be higher grade upholstery materials, custom fabrics, two-tone upholstery options, upgraded components, upgraded mechanisms, and etc. Please contact us to inquire how you can create your customized product.

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