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Disperse Freestanding Acoustic Panel

Disperse Freestanding Acoustic Panel


Egan Disperse Mobiles give you the mobility to influence sounds and reduce noise in open spaces. Front-facing apertures in the surface is available in Egan’s wood veneer or Colored Etex. Like the Disperse Wallmount, Mobile has sound-damping core made with PET and has an NRC rating of 0.75.



  • High sound reduction rating of 0.75 NRC
    (Reference to a 1.0 NRC rating being that sound going through will be fully absorbed by the material)
  • Etex Material Options
  • Wood Veneer Material Options
  • Core Finish Options
  • Base and Frame Finishes Options



  • Multiple designs and configurations available, please contact us for dimension details.

    Need to customize or have a question?

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    Please note that Movado Interiors offers other customizable options that are not shown on the website. Customization extents depend on the product model. These options may be higher grade upholstery materials, custom fabrics, two-tone upholstery options, upgraded components, upgraded mechanisms, and etc. Please contact us to inquire how you can create your customized product.

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