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  • Am I able to pick up my order?
    Yes, you may pick up at our partnered logistical warehouses while some of our manufacturers allow pick-ups directly from their factories to further reduce your costs!
  • Do you provide delivery and installation services?
    Yes we offer delivery and installation services. If you prefer to do a pick up only, delivery only, or installation only service to minimize your costs--in most cases we are able to accommodate your logistical needs.
  • Do you offer free space planning and rendering?
    We certainly do! and depending on our work queue and your project size, we can even provide full scale designs within 1-7 business days.
  • Do you offer on-site measuring services?
    Yes, we offer complimentary site measurements complete with renders of our proposal in the lower mainland of BC. However, on-site measurements outside of this area may not be possible or will be chargeable.
  • Do you serve other provinces such as Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, etc?"
    Yes, we are able to ship, deliver, and install to all other provinces. However, we cannot provide our complementary site-measurements and on-site consultations. To ensure that we are able to provide our best service, we suggest that you or your company provide us with an accurate floor plan with your specific design requirements, budgetary needs, and delivery/installation deadlines.
  • Are you able to ship us a material sample?
    We are able to ship material samples.
  • Why does my online cart show $0.00?
    Many factors may change the pricing of a product and these are due to the plentiful material grades, sizing, and other customization options of our products along with current currency exchange rates (if you are ordering furniture from our American and European factories), and the order volumes.
  • What forms of payment are accepted?
    Credit cards, cheques, e-transfers, wire transfers, and electronic funds transfer (EFT)
  • Where can I email my purchase order(s)?
    Purchase order can be emailed to
  • My order is above $5,000, do I have to pay the complete order upfront?"
    For any orders above $5000, the client must pay a minimum of 50% deposit in advance and the other remaining 50% is due prior to delivery. In some cases, we also may make exceptions to this case such as government contracts and public contract bids.
  • My order is below $5,000, do I have to pay the complete order upfront?"
    For any orders below $5,000, the client must pay the order in full amount unless approved by Movado Interiors Inc.
  • What is your return policy?
    Any custom-made products and/or made-to-order products are final sale. Products that are approved for returns/refunds are subject to up to a 30% restocking fee, unless approved by Movado Interiors.
  • I received a damaged product, how do I deal with this?"
    Please send us an email at, complete with pictures and a summary of the problem(s). Please do not make any repairs or alterations to the product as this may forfeit any returns, exchanges, or warranties.
  • How long are your warranties?
    Most, if not all, of our products are covered by warranties with few exceptions. Depending on the manufacturer of the product, warranties may range from a year to a lifetime depending on the component. There are cases where warranties become void. These may be due to: removing warranty labels off the products, making alterations to products, abuse or misuse, and other terms specified by the particular manufacturer/builder does not cover.
  • I purchased my furniture from a different company are you able to service my furniture?
    Yes, assuming these products are from one of our partners. However, supplying parts and any servicing of the furniture will be billable.
  • Is my product still covered by warranty?
    Most manufacturers will put a sticker on the underside of their products such as underneath chairs and desks. Please do not take these stickers off as removing these may void product warranties. These stickers will include all details about the warranty coverage. If there are no stickers available feel free to contact us at and provide as many documentations about your order such as receipts, invoices, purchase orders, etc. and we can find your file from there!

Still need help?
Email us at or Call us at 604.619.3571

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